We're ready to serve your unique needs. Our team will:


Help employees choose providers

Answer transition of care questions

Manage your implementation planning

Partner with you to create onsite employee education

LiteSwitch resources

  • Broker and employer support

    Account Executive
    Your Account Executive provides ongoing support after implementation and through the renewal.

    Dedicated online transition center
    New members have access to our online transition center, designed to answer common questions about changing plans. There, they can also find and fill out a Transition of Care Form to privately communicate their care needs.

    Broker and Account Services and Support (BASS)
    After enrollment, the experienced representatives on our BASS team are available to handle account eligibility inquiries, member-specific add/term requests, account and broker collateral requests, and administrative-related questions.

  • Member support

    Online care transition center
    New and soon-to-be members can visit our online transition center to get started. All the content there is based on what we hear at health fairs and results from new member surveys. They can also submit an online form to help transition services and prescriptions fast.

    Prescription drug support
    ​We offer auto auth-placement for drugs that require PA and Step Therapy if a transition fill occurs in the first 120 days of a plan*. Non-covered drugs will be covered for the first 6 months based on the transition fill. We'll work with members to make a switch to a covered drug**.
    * Approval length will vary based on the clinical indication for the drug.
    ** For excluded drugs (such as cosmetic, OTC not on the OTC list, drugs not FDA approved), the program does not apply.

    Live customer service and online chat
    Members can speak with one of our expert customer service professionals in English or Spanish by calling 866-414-5533, or use our convenient live online chat. We also offer translation services in more than 200 languages.

    On-site enrollment health fairs
    Mass General Brigham Health Plan representatives help provide clients and employees with information about the plan’s benefits, features, the provider network, and more.
    Welcome calls and emails
    A welcome message greets the new member within 24 hours and connects them with resources that explain their benefits and other important information and services.

Support when and where you need it

  • Before implementation

    Your sales executive will introduce you to a dedicated implementation team to ensure that all your questions are answered. They will work to educate you and your employees, help with transition of care questions, and consult with you to prepare your enrollment data for processing.
    Also, we can accept an online EFT binder payment, which expedites your plan’s setup since there’s no waiting for a check.

  • During enrollment
    An implementation team ensures that all enrollment processes are seamless and efficient. Enrollment is guaranteed within 48 hours of receiving files. We’ll provide technical enrollment file guidance as needed.
  • After enrollment

    Within 24 hours after we’ve processed their enrollment, new members receive a welcome message that greets and connects them with resources that explain their plan benefits and other important information and services.
    Once coverage begins, members can log in to MassGeneralBrighamHealthPlan.org any time of day or night to view their plan information, including all claims and records, and connect to their pharmacy benefits.
    Members can always talk to (or online chat with) a helpful customer service professional, Monday through Friday, 8 AM to 6 PM and Thursday 8 AM to 8 PM.