Mental health resources

Mental health is a key part of our overall well-being—and we're here to help. On this page you'll find useful resources to help support your behavioral health needs, including mental health and substance use.

Get to know our behavioral health offerings

When you need mental health support, the last thing you want are obstacles getting in the way. Watch now to learn how Lyra Health, Optum, and our recovery coaches make it easier and faster for people to get high-quality care.

Lyra mental health support

​Lyra is available to many Mass General Brigham Health Plan members.​
Find out if Lyra is available as part of your plan by signing in to the member portal using the link below.

Get personalized recommendations for the care that’s right for you.
Schedule virtual or in-person appointments with therapists, health coaches, or others, often within 1-3 days.
Access support for the whole family, including children and adolescents.

Behavioral health resources by Optum

Optum behavioral health benefits are available to all Mass General Brigham Health Plan members.

  • Search for providers who offer treatments including outpatient services, day programs, residential programs, autism care and support, substance and recovery services, and more.
  • Access Optum's telehealth capable providers through the virtual visit platform on Live and Work Well.

Browse the articles on Live and Work Well as a guest using the access code: MGBHPMA


More behavioral health benefits

You can find an in-network behavioral health provider through the Mass General Brigham Health Plan provider directory. This provider directory contains all our in-network providers.

Mass General Brigham ACO members can learn about the behavioral health benefits available as part of your plan on our Mass General Brigham ACO page.

  • Talk with a Recovery Coach

    Recovery isn’t something to face alone. Our recovery coaches understand the hurt caused by stigma and shame and can thoughtfully act as guides, mentors, and advocates. Recovery coaching is available to all Mass General Brigham Health Plan members.

    Learn more about Recovery Coaching

  • Schedule your annual mental health wellness exam

    Beginning April 1, 2024, Mass General Brigham Health Plan will cover an annual mental health wellness exam. This exam can be part of your annual preventive visit with a primary care provider (PCP) or scheduled as a standalone appointment with a PCP or licensed mental health professional. Most plans cover the mental health wellness exam as preventive care at no extra cost to members. However, members enrolled in HSA qualified health plans may incur copayments, coinsurance, or deductibles.
    During your visit, your PCP or behavioral health provider will help find any mental health needs you may have and connect you with the right resources for care. Your check-up may include:

    • Behavioral health screening
    • Education and consultation on healthy lifestyle changes
    • Referrals to ongoing care
    • Mental health services and other necessary supports
    • Discussion of potential options for medication

    We encourage you to reach out to your PCP or behavioral health provider to learn more about scheduling your annual mental health wellness exam.

Mental health resources

Share your feedback with the BHHL
If you have positive or negative feedback about your experience with the Behavioral Health Help Line, a Community Behavioral Health Center, or a Behavioral Health Urgent Care Center, please scan the QR code and complete the form. Please note that you can remain anonymous, or you can provide your contact information if you would like a call back.

If you prefer not to use the QR code, you can also submit your feedback via the Behavioral Health Roadmap Feedback Portal.

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