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  • About our network providers

    Mass General Brigham Health Plan contracts only with licensed and credentialed providers who are board certified or capable of becoming board certified in the future. To add a provider to our network, we use specific criteria for primary care physicians and commonly used medical specialties such as cardiology, obstetrics and gynecology, general surgery, orthopedics, and urology. Although we use a host of criteria to ensure we meet members' needs, Mass General Brigham Health Plan does not use quality measures, member experience measures or cost-related measures to select practitioners for our Health Connector plans. All providers must abide by Mass General Brigham Health Plan policies and accept the reasonable rates as outlined within their provider contract.
    Furthermore, Mass General Brigham Health Plan contracts only with hospitals that are accredited by the Joint Commission and/or meet specific quality standards as documented during a site visit. Mass General Brigham Health Plan has availability standards to ensure that we have enough of each type of specialist to meet the needs of our members and that providers are located within a reasonable distance of members’ homes. Any areas of network need are addressed in a prompt and efficient manner.
    Important Note:
    The ‘Find a Doctor’ tool/DoctorSmart directory lists all in-network providers. Please refer to your plan materials on for information about your benefits and coverage to make sure that your plan covers services offered by a provider (chiropractic care, for example).

  • About our directory

    Mass General Brigham Health Plan has made reasonable efforts to validate that the list of providers is up to date and accurate. The list of providers is updated on a daily basis. However, this directory may change at any time. Please be aware that certain providers may not participate in all plans. Please contact the provider directly prior to scheduling an appointment to verify that the provider continues to be a member of your plan’s network. Mass General Brigham Health Plan is not liable for any losses, damages, or uncovered charges as a result of using this provider search tool or as a result of receiving care from a provider listed in the provider search tool.  A provider listing in the provider search tool is not an indication that the provider’s services are eligible for coverage. Please consult your plan materials at

    Arrangement with Optum and UnitedHealthcare
    Mass General Brigham Health Plan has an arrangement with both Optum and UnitedHealthcare that allows its members to access providers within the Optum and UnitedHealthcare respective networks. Members may need to identify either Optum or UnitedHealthcare in conversations with providers regarding whether they accept the member's health plan coverage.

    Accepting new patients status
    An indication on the provider list as to whether a practitioner can accept new patients may change at this time. PCPs and some other specialists have patient panels and as such can opt to be closed to new patients when their respective panels are full of other patients. If a practitioner is closed to new patients at this time and has informed us of this fact, they will be listed as "Not Accepting New Patients" on their individual profile pages in the provider directory, and they will not show up in a search in this directory for those practitioners who are accepting new patients. You should contact the provider directly for the most up to date information and to determine if they are accepting new patients. 

    Reporting errors 
    If you become aware of any errors contained in this list of providers or if your otherwise need assistance, please contact Mass General Brigham Health Plan Customer Service at 866-414-5533 or Please note that you may also file a complaint with the Massachusetts Division of Insurance with respect to the accuracy of this list of providers or the adequacy of this list of providers by calling 617-521-7794, or going online at